The Atlas Tracking Difference

Many GPS tracking companies offer the same generic “system.” No one offers a more powerful and in-depth GPS fleet tracking solution than Atlas Tracking. Compare us and see!


Software Development

Atlas Tracking’s competitive edge is our web-based software. We specialize in software development and joining it with our advanced hardware.  We are continually advancing our customizable and user-friendly platform based on customer input. Atlas Tracking was founded based on the belief that there was a specific need in the GPS tracking space for a customizable software platform that could be configured to satisfy specific customer requirements. Every quarter, we provide and improve upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution on the market.


Unique Sales Approach

Atlas Tracking takes a unique approach to earning your support for a product.  We do not pressure potential customers into buying our product after one phone call or email. We know that this is a significant investment that requires an understanding of the benefits, ROI, and features. We take a gradual, consultative approach and work with you during a pilot phase to teach you about the technology and show you the ROI you can expect from our solution. No other asset management company does this as well as we do.


Top Customer Service

From the beginning of our venture together through the current minute, we will hold your hand to make sure you find success with our product. We offer regular training sessions on current and future product features.  Our US-based Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day. All of our customer support is handled in-house and not outsourced.  Our support is second to none.


Customizable Features

Atlas Tracking goes far beyond the typical speeding, sensor, utilization and idling reports which other fleet tracking companies have. We offer a large number of customizable reports, alerts (email, SMS), maps (Bing/Google with multiple layers), and other features designed to meet your most challenging requirements. No one else in the asset management or fleet tracking industry provides as many valuable and in-depth features as Atlas Tracking. The majority of our solution’s capabilities have come from the input of our customers like you. We have provided many customizations for customers within hours or days, and most requests are completed within a timely manner.