Atlas Executive Tracker with our personnel tracker , you can complete projects and assignments faster than ever.

Personnel Tracker

Do your employees love playing hooky? You know productivity has dipped but you can pinpoint the bottleneck in terms of your workers. The most common response of management is to install CCTV cameras, and they work for a time up until the employees realize their field of view and range are limited. But with our personnel tracker, you know exactly where all your employees are located and whether or not they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.


Our personnel tracker is small enough to fit into small pockets. As real-time updates of our personnel tracker are inputted into the software, you can confront the erring workers and there is no way they can deny their transgressions when you have the evidence. Either they shape up or ship out, but you ensure they are accountable for all their actions.

Better planning

It is the most cost-efficient way to boost productivity. It is not just because each employee knows they are being monitored but it also helps you plan your business operations. For example, when dispatching assignments you know who among your employees are working hard and who are taking it easy. You will know how long each task takes to be completed.

These types of data are vital to your business. As you separate the good workers from the lazy ones, you can better manage your personnel and boost productivity. In terms of emergency situations, you can dispatch an engineer, electrician, or a trouble-shooter to the site, through our personnel tracker device.


With our personnel tracker you can alert workers who are playing hooky, you can dispatch jobs easier, and you can better monitor all your field assets, while receiving feedback immediately. The tracker can also help you cut down on costs since you do not have to call personnel from another branch or division when the web application clearly shows there is somebody competent nearby. That means you get to deliver products quicker and more efficiently.

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