Executive Tracking
Atlas Family Track gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the whereabouts of the most important people in the world – your family. With a tiny remote tracking device or an application downloaded to your family member’s mobile phone, our solution monitors and reports with GPS accuracy.

Become a virtual passenger in your young driver’s vehicle. Gain visibility into driving habits like travel routes, stops, and speed. Receive an alert via email or text when the vehicle enters dangerous or otherwise restricted areas.

Alleviate the helplessness and panic of being separated or lost while visiting a busy theme park, or crowded shopping mall. Provide security teams or law enforcement with real time information that will help make sure your loved ones return home safely.

Keep an extra set of eyes on an aging parent or family member with special needs. Know exactly where they are when they need help the most.

Know when your child got to school, how they got there, and when they leave.

Atlas Family Track can also improve safety and security for your most important family assets. Place a discreet tracking device in the house safe, that treasured family heirloom, or your most valuable collectibles. Lost your luggage? Get it back fast with easy, affordable GPS tracking.