Atlas Fleet Track
Our user friendly web-based fleet management solution provides a real-time view of where your vehicles are, and where they have been. You will have access to extensive reports that show when your vehicles got on the road, the amount of time it was at a stop, idle time, its speed, and much more. Atlas Fleet Track gives you another set of eyes, constantly watching your company’s assets, and the bottom line.

Our geofence feature can alert you when your vehicle is being used in an unauthorized manner, location or time by sending you an email or SMS text message.

The solution is highly customizable to meet your company’s specific needs, tying into your vehicle’s sub systems to capture data specific to the capabilities of your fleet. Auxiliary equipment monitoring like lights on, pump flow, plows down and lift operations are examples of events captured and recorded by Atlas Fleet Track.

Instantly identify the closest vehicle to a customer – improving dispatch times and customer service, while at the same time lowering fuel costs.

Many insurance providers offer discounts on premiums for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices. Check with your insurance company to see how much you can save!

When you’re in the equipment rental business, the perfomance and safety of your mobile assets is the key to driving revenue. Keep your entire asset inventory in constant view with a reliable and affordable tracking solution.
Atlas Fleet Track will help you keep an eye on all of your important equipment:

– Generators
– Backhoes
– Mobile Lighting
– Power Tools
– Trailers
– Waste Containers
– Arrow Boards
– Temporary Equipment Installs