ATLAS TRACKING SOLUTIONS GPS Systems can help monitor employees and inventory — Anytime, Anywhere!

bannerLivery companies always have their vehicles ready. These agencies rent luxury automobiles, limousines, cars, cabs, buses, and more. They need to keep track of their drivers and monitor their entire inventory, so they can provide the best service in the industry. As a livery company owner it is important to know where your drivers take your vehicles. You need to know they are taking the route given and do not make other stops. Are they bringing the guests to the proper destinations? Are they going off course so the charge is different and the travelers have to pay more? How can you track your drivers who bring your guests off course? You do not want to add more employees to watch your drivers and affect your bottom line. The best solution is to use GPS Tracking. GPS is a satellite navigation system developed to determine a precise location almost anywhere on Earth.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

Truckers are under a lot of stress. They have a deadline to meet and sometimes they are overworked. Sometimes they fall asleep on the road and speed in order to compensate. This makes them more prone to accidents. With our GPS car tracking devices, you can protect your assets because you know if they are breaking the speed limit. More than protecting your assets and drivers from themselves, you also can use the vehicle tracking devices to study how you set deadlines for delivery and how you can boost customer satisfaction. You can leverage the data from our application tool to improve your service. You could be the safest delivery fleet in the industry. With the GPS car tracking tool, all your assets are conveniently laid out on the accompanying application map. You can better manage your field operations and plan your schedules more efficiently. For faster pickup, you can request the vehicle nearest your location. That way, you save time and gas in the process.

Atlas Tracking Solutions can provide livery companies all the GPS systems they need at the lowest available prices!


Provide security monitoring and protection.

Provide rapid send SOS distress signals, in case of emergency incidents.

Achieve remote tracking and monitoring management.

Ensure visitors safety and timely assistance to improve the quality of the service livery agency.

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