AtlasV300 is an economical vehicle tracking system for driver behavior management, auto rental and when access to the vehicle diagnostics interface is required. It also use leading over-the-air de-vice management and maintenance system software, PULS™ (Programming, Updates, and Logistics System).

The ATLAS V3000 is an economical, full-featured vehicle tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles. The ATLAS V3000 is an ideal solution for automotive insurance, driver behavior man-agement, auto rental and automotive applications when access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is required.


Competitive Price, Competitive Technology, Competitive Edge

The ATLAS V3000 full featured tracking unit with a small size, superior GPS design OBD-II interface and 3-axis accelerometer. These features enable the ATLAS V3000 to access vehicle diagnostic interface data, track vehicle speed and location, plus detect hard braking , cornering or acceleration. Supe-rior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for profes-sional installation and make the ATLAS V3000 install quick, easy and inexpensive. Messages are transported across the GSM/GPRS network using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and your application servers. The ATLAS V3000 is designed to dramati-cally reduce cost, power and size while significantly improving filed reliability in 12 volt passenger or light-duty vehicles.



The ATLAS V3000 employs incorporates industry leading on-board alert engine, PEGTM. This advanced engine monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules to help meet the need of your application. PEGTM continuously monitors the vehicle environ-ment and responds instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, input and other event combinations. With PEGTM, your unique application will meet demanding customer requirements. This behavior can be programmed by 2-Track before shipment, at a customer’s facility, or over-the-air once the units has been fielded.


Over-the-Air Serviceability

The ATLAS V3000 also incorporates an industry leading over-the-air de-vice management and maintenance system software, PULS™ (Programming, Updates, and Logistics System). Configuration parame-ters, PEG rules, and firmware can all be updated over the air. Our web-based maintenance server, PULS™ scripts, and firmware, can all be up-dated over-the-air. PULS offers out-of-the-box hands free configuration and automatic post-installation upgrades. You can also monitor unit health status across your customers' fleets to quickly identify issues be-fore they become expensive problems.

  • Superior GPS & cellular quality
  • Built-in cellular and GPS anten-na option for easy installation
  • Built-in OBD-II connector to read vehicle bus data
  • Built-in accelerometer for driver behavior capabilities and impact detection
  • Pre-impact data capture capa-bilities
  • OBD-II Interface
  • GPRS and SMS Based Messaging
  • Internal GSM and GPS Antennas
  • Super Sensitivity GPS (-160 dBm)
  • Ultra-Low Power Safe Mode (<3mA)
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer for motion sense
  • Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification
  • 20,000 Buffered Messages
  • 32 Built-in Geo-fences, plus and combination of circle or polygon zones, up to 5,400 points
  • PEG’’’ Exception-Based Rules
  • Automatic, Over-The-Air Unit configuration on Power-up (PULS™)
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Download (PULS™)
  • Web-Based Device Management (PULS™
  Optional Feature / Functions
  • Serial Programming Cable

General Specifications
Communication Modes GPRS packet data and SMS
Location Technology 50 Channel GPS
Operation Voltage 7-20 VDC

Location Specifications
Location Technology 50 Channel GPS (with SBAS)
Location Accuracy 2.0 meter CEP (with SBAS)
Tracking Sensitivity -160 dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity -147 dBm
AGPS Capable

GSM Specifications
Data Support SMS, GPRS (UDP)
Cellular / PCS FCC-Parts 22,24; PTCRB
GPRS Up to class 10
Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Comprehensive I/O
Inputs OBD-II Input: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW
ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230, KWP2000,
ISO-15765, CAN
Outputs None
Status LEDs GPS, OBD-II and Cellular

Electric Specifications
Operating Voltage 7-20 VDC
Power Consumption
Deep Sleep <3 mA @ 12V
Sleep on Network <11 mA @12V
Active <140 mA @ 12V

Physical Specifications
Dimensions 43 X 64 X 25 mm
1.7 X 2.5 X 1.0 Inches
Weight 51g, 1.8oz
Status LEDs GPS and Cellular

Environment Specifications
Operating Temperature -30° to +75° Celsius
Storage Temperature -40° to +85° Celsius
Humidity 95%RH @ 50° Non-Condensing
Shock and Vibration SAE J1455
EMC / EMI SAE J1113; FCC-Part 15B;
Industry Canada; RoHS Compliant

Connectors, SIM Access
SIM access Internal
I/O Power, Programming Built-in OBD-II interface

Built-in OBD-II connector