It’s Time! Time to Take Your Livery Service Technology to the Next Level!

Atlas Tracking Solutions GPS trackers are the easiest way to locate People, Pets, Luggage, and more. Give the device to a person or attach it to a pet or luggage and locate your devices with a website or mobile app.

With the A.T.S. GPS tracking devices you can locate your children and know where they are. You can monitor your child’s safety with the amazing A.T.S. GPS tracking for children.

Losing luggage is an unfortunate reality when considering the risks of travelling. It can be difficult to deal with, and is often very frustrating. Now with A.T.S. GPS technology, the location of your luggage can be known at all times, in real time via hand held devices. Anyone who has ever had a piece of their luggage lost while traveling knows how aggravating the recovering process can be. Thanks to Atlas Tracking Solutions your worries are over!
With Atlas Tracking Solutions you can easily locate who & what you love most – and at the lowest prices available!

GPS for Travel Tool

Tourists who are unfamiliar with their new environment may get lost, luggage sent somewhere else, or maybe a pet suddenly runs away. All these problems will fall on the lap of the travel agent, who will spend precious time doing damage control when they should be concentrating on accommodating new customers. Our GPS for travel tool is the perfect solution for them.

The advanced tracking support will allow travel agents to set directions to their client’s hotels or the nearest landmarks. It is the same concept with pets. Meanwhile, luggage flown from the other side of the world can be easily tracked.

Our GPS for travel solutions immediately offer peace of mind to the tourist, who will become more confident about exploring the new areas, and to the travel agents.

Here are just some of the features included in A.T.S. Tracking Devices:

  • Panic Buttons
  • Flexible reporting allowing for the best mix of battery and coverage
  • Long battery life
  • 24×7 coverage via state of the art command centers
  • No range limitations
  • No customized software or additional equipment required
  • Water-resistant
  • Work reliably indoors, in urban canyons, and many additional locales
  • Global GSM Coverage
  • Operate via cell tower or GPS positioning allowing for extended real-time tracking without excessive battery drain
  • Quad-band GSM for optimal coverage

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