Atlas VIP Track
Your company’s most valuable and important assets will often be your people in the field. Traveling the world can be hectic and dangerous, in both developed and underdeveloped countries. You can keep track of your company’s most important and valuable assets – your employees – with an easy, affordable tracking solution. Your employees will feel safer knowing that Atlas VIP Track is on guard.
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With a personnel ‘event’ you have the tools to track the location and movement of your key people, providing logistics teams or law enforcement with information that can bring them home safely.

A user-definable panic button allows users to initiate an SOS call to a command center. Panic alerts are sent via email, SMS and also seen on our web-based interface.

Atlas VIP Track can utilize customer owned smartphones – avoiding additional hardware and data costs.

Our solution has been designed with security and scalability in mind, allowing for integration with existing security and accountability applications such as HR, Time and Attendance and Emergency Response systems.

Often times your most valuable VIPs will include your company’s best customers. Use Atlas VIP Track to keep them informed of company events, special offers, and supply them with information that will drive revenue to your business.